Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Practice Outfits

The clothes I wore to church this morning were not very inspired. A jersey top with a draped neck that needs some altering so it lies flat and pretty instead of sagging with a crepe Talbots skirt with a panel that gives a wrap effect was my choice. I bought the same tops in red and cream in a size too large. They need work, too.

 This is how I wore it this morning, except that I wore a black bangle watch that I realized when it was time to start the service, showed 7:05 as the time. The one here is a dark tortoiseshell bangle. I rarely wear a bracelet; instead I wear a fashion watch of some kind. Caravelle Bangles are my fave. The jacket is actually a blouse from Appleseeds, a print with black, white, tan and gray print that they called an animal print. I see it as a kind of jungle print, not quite camouflage.

 So I tried it with a belt. I see no improvement.

When I thought of it, I decided a view of the back might be a good idea when deciding whether to wear a particular outfit. I think I'll leave off the belt even though I like it, a narrow round braid that is kind of grey, or maybe wear the belt UNDER the jacket next time.

I think this skirt needs replacing with one just an inch or so shorter. Besides being old, it is a draped crape that might better be replaced by something more straight. In photos, the draped panel in the front just makes more bulk.

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