Sunday, March 26, 2017

Springtime Sunday

First Sunday of the Spring of 2017:

What I wore: a leopard print skirt from a two piece-dress that has passed out of style with its black top with shoulder pads and a leopard print collar. On top is a plain cotton knit top with elbow sleeves that I took the threads out that held up the cuff and make a true elbow. My new sweater is cotton and viscose knit in a pink meant to be blush. I've looked carefully at tops with Lycra or other stretchy stuff rather than 100% cotton and noticed that held to the light, they start to have thin spots over time. 

I cut off my feet the way others cut off their heads but I wanted my shoes to show: Trotters Sling Backs in Nude. 

The necklace is strands of tiny beads, pearls and pink gold chains knotted together.
The watch is pink gold with a grey band.

Camellias are just about done for this season.

Next time: I'll try wearing a black top, maybe in the fall. Maybe I'll find a new leopard print skirt too with less bulk.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Blogging Again

2016 is the year that I gradually let go of my garden blogs. 2017 started out with almost zero blogging. I had cataract surgery. I am beginning to see again, even without the new glasses to come.

My latest craze is fashion blogs, so I determined to resurrect a blog I started some years back. I deleted some of the more pedestrian posts and those whose photographs had disappeared into the ether.

Months of searching brought me some new imaginary friends who are more nearly my height, a little thinner and mostly younger. I am determined to be as fashion conscious. The only fashion blogger that I found who is older than I is a former Playboy Bunny whose heels are too high for me to imitate.

We Never Have Snow, but We Do Get Cold and Wet

The Outerwear online is so enticing in winter: warm wool coats, mittens and fur snoods, heavy boots, down coats. We have few nights when such might be appropriate. rarely in the daytime after the sun is up for a short while.

Our rainy days are usually the kind of cold that creeps into one's bones, especially those of us who are old. Rarely do I spend a day 'out in the rain.' From the truck to a store front doesn't need heavy gear that is cumbersome in a warm building.

Last year I treated my self to a new London Fog in a dull red, double breasted and hooded. My previous raincoats had zip-out liners that were usually zipped out more often than in. Layers will be more appropriate in this climate. I love the idea of a hood. Cold wind just chills me to the bone. Covering my head makes me feel cozy.

I started buying thin sweaters with a cowl neck. When I feel a draft, I just pull up the cowl for a little while and soon I'm warm again.  Pulling up a cowl in the rain would mean I'd have a wet area round my neck when I got inside, so the hood is a great idea.

I have a very lightweight tan London Fog jacket and a navy Anorak also from the same maker, both with hoods.