Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Bale of Tee Shirts

I'm anticipating shoes today, a delivery of Tees tomorrow.

The tees were such a bargain at Appleseeds.

There are short, long, and three quarter sleeves in red shades: Red, Fuchsia, Sunset Coral, Ruby, and a Peach color tank.

Blues are represented by Dutch Blue, Sapphire, Deep Turquoise, Malachite and Platinum.

Some colors are duplicated in different sleeve lengths.

Now to discard old tees with holes and spots and stretched out areas caused by spandex giving up its snap.

One of my new rules is to order all cotton where possible. I broke that rule recently ordering a white tee with Modal in its mix. I can see it may be a pajama top soon rather than paying return postage.

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  1. What a t shirt splurge! But I can see why on the shop's site, I'd be spoilt for choice too. I have been drawn to modal t shirts because they wash well, keep their shape and don't shrink. They also tend to be lighter weight. Don't think I've experienced snap-loss though on a very thin one holes in the knit appeared after a few years of solid all-year wear.


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