Monday, December 27, 2010

Starting Over

"Starting Over" - I saw that movie about 15 times back when Burt Reynolds was in his heyday of romantic comedy. I'm starting over to blog a bit of fashion just to remind myself what is in the closet without going in there and actually sorting through.

I ordered online last night before free shipping expired on Talbots and JC Penney had no more bargains. The JCP doorbusters eluded me but the only thing I really needed was some corduroy pants. I decided a bit better quality, or at least a higher pricetag might mean a better fit. We'll see.

JCP has $10 off $25 or more through today only. I deleted all except an unlined denim blazer reduced to less than $15 and a sweater for less than $15. Postage was $6 but the $10 off left me $4 ahead instead of spending $40 more for things I did not really want so postage would be free.  The sweater I ordered was listed as teal blue, but the comments claimed they received a navy color marked as teal. I hope it will be a darkest blue.

Talbots had corduroy ankle pants on sale. I bought those and a matching cord jacket in dark grey along with a ruched neck tee in a sort of rose color and a satin-trim tee in ivory. If I buy their ankle pants, the length is perfect without hemming to wear as regular pants. I'm excited about the scrunch neck tee. It disappeared from Talbot's site but not from my order and showed as in stock when my order was confirmed.

Talbots photo of gray cord jacket.

I ordered some boots from Shoe Woo that I held in my shopping bag all through Christmas. I entertained myself by searching for comments from people who had actually bought Nine West boots. It is hard to determine whether they are comparing with Target's boots or upscale boots from fancy stores. Shipping was a flat $5. The last shoes I ordered from Shoe Woo came really fast.


  1. Good choices! I love both of those cord items. I am wearing my cord jacket like that right now! :-)I cant wait to see your scrunch tee either. Be sure and post how you like your goodies!

  2. Love the grey blazer- it's gorgeous.


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