Sunday, March 26, 2017

Springtime Sunday

First Sunday of the Spring of 2017:

What I wore: a leopard print skirt from a two piece-dress that has passed out of style with its black top with shoulder pads and a leopard print collar. On top is a plain cotton knit top with elbow sleeves that I took the threads out that held up the cuff and make a true elbow. My new sweater is cotton and viscose knit in a pink meant to be blush. I've looked carefully at tops with Lycra or other stretchy stuff rather than 100% cotton and noticed that held to the light, they start to have thin spots over time. 

I cut off my feet the way others cut off their heads but I wanted my shoes to show: Trotters Sling Backs in Nude. 

The necklace is strands of tiny beads, pearls and pink gold chains knotted together.
The watch is pink gold with a grey band.

Camellias are just about done for this season.

Next time: I'll try wearing a black top, maybe in the fall. Maybe I'll find a new leopard print skirt too with less bulk.

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