Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It Isn't Easy

When I get my new post-surgery glasses I hope I'll feel more like taking photos and dressing up to discuss fashion.

Meanwhile, there's nothing new to show but I want you to know I'm still alive.

I haven't been shopping and my plans to order online were thwarted this weekend when one of my favorite vendors had a great sale going and the site went haywire. Emails to customer service received a promise that the site would be restored on Monday -- the sale was over then.

I had honed and refined my order down to one dollar over the minimum for free shipping.

It's a long wait for another great sale. It's hard to find plain, classic clothing at a super price, too.

If I didn't have so many 'rules' to go by:
    Nothing sleeveless unless it's a dress that can have a little shrug or jacket.
    Sleeves that cover my 'farmer tan' -- I'm loving elbow length sleeves, I hope they last.
    Garments I don't have to hem. Sometimes I make exceptions. I hate hemming.
    No long tops that make me look as if I have no legs. I know they don't really 'hide' fat.
    A minimum of ruffles and extra fabric.
    Smooth material with a matte finish, no satin finishes.
    Flat knits, no cables and boucle.
    All cotton where practical. Boo for Spandex.
That's just a partial list.

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