Monday, April 17, 2017

Navy polka dots and a Wild Striped Sweater

When Glenn was a very small boy, he looked out the window one Sunday morning as the neighbors across the street were leaving for early Mass and said, "Don't Miss Frances look pretty!"

She was wearing a blue polka dot dress and a hat. (It was a long time ago.)

I had a polka dot dress that finally got too tight. I could never decide if it was black or navy. I think it was navy but too dark to be obvious.

I ordered a new dotted dress from a Macy's sale. I could hardly wait to see it.
It came a day early, UPS did not hand it over to USPS.

It's perfect! Perfect length, perfect fit.
Navy blue, perfect white dots.

I tried it alone, with a white cotton short sleeved sweater,  a thin white summer jacket,  a navy cotton knit shrug and a long sweater that I ordered along with the dress. I tried navy pumps and bone pumps.

It's a thin long sweater in khaki and white that is exactly the color of my khaki pants.

Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style encouraged mixing prints this week. This is about as adventuresome as it gets for me.

Almost forgot that I tried the navy ramie knit sweater vest, too. I guess if I was really bored I could wear the blackberry one, too. I'm fond of these vests which are mostly plain and perfect when there's a need for a third piece that doesn't add a lot of warmth and weight.

The other items ordered were a Bali bra and a pair of hue pajama pants with gold dots. I love dotty pants. These have cuffs that can fold back because the pants are too long and roll down to keep them around my ankles which tend to get cold. Now I'm already looking forward to winter again and hot weather has hardly arrived. They're not dots; little gold hearts -- even better.

BTW, those are not purses in my pics. One is a tote and the light color one is a canvas rigger's bag, good for all kinds of projects.

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