Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are Black Shoes Appropriate with Navy?

8/22/2010: I just read a long blog with many comments on whether or not to wear Black and Navy together.  My casual Sunday outfit today was mostly navy and I wore these shoes:
From Talbot's, they are called 'pewter'but look gold to me.

I wore them with Talbots Drawstring Pencil Skirt in navy, their Lattice Smocked]Tee in yellow and a New Dimensions short Smocked Cardigan from Belk in navy.

Smocking on the tee, and the smocked
cardigan has elbow-length sleeves. I like a longer sleeve
which hides a lot of  uppper arm 'bat-wing' common to older ladies
 and unattractive at any age. Besides, I have a farmer tan as well.

The smocked tee is very very thin, cotton with a touch of modal.
The smocking is lovely. The sleeves are raglan style.

Update 6 years later: I still have the skirt and the short cardi and the shoes. 
The yellow tee has become a pajama top.


  1. I like to pair black and navy. I have a navy linen dress that I think looks great with black shoes and a black belt.

  2. I wear Black and Navy together a lot, but usually wear brown shoes if I am not wearing any other navy. Only because I really like brown and navy together. :-)

  3. Oops, I mean to say if I am not wearing any other black in the outfit, I wear brown shoes.


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