Saturday, April 8, 2017

Color of the Year Is a Green

I don't know what possessed me to order this green dress. It's made of Tencel, a wood fiber product fabric. It washes well and just a little pressing makes it wonderful. It had darts that made it too tight. I picked them out with a seam ripper and washing took care of the tiny holes.

 I like these long ramie knit sweater vests. This one is Blackberry color.
The dress looks better to me with nude color pumps. The belt was a trial run, ordering off. It's too neon. Wonder if the sun would fade it? Maybe my snake print belt. I don't think I tried that. It came with a self belt/sash.

The sleeves have a tab and button to wear them rolled. I'm not fond of how that turned out, either. They needed rolling narrower.
Have to think on whether to put a blouse undernearth with a collar. It's already too hot for a scarf in the South. Back to the pearls, I guess.

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