Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boo Hoo, Shoe Woo

Shoe Woo had such great sales lately, I knew it was too good to last. They are closing on 1/31/11.

Meanwhile, my Breakaway Boots by Nine West came yesterday. I wore them for a little while then. Today I've had them on all day. They are pull-on boots and take some struggle on my part but once on they fit great. Black ruched leather with a little string bow at the upper back, they would be fine for teens wearing jeggings but work as well for me in regular jeans.

The rest of the order is scheduled for delivery today: taller Patrick in grey suede and shorter Workbook in brown suede. I'm anxious to get them and try them on. More pull-ons, but one size larger to wear with heavy socks, so maybe there will be a little more give for getting my foot in place.

My JC Penney order came with the mail carrier. A denim blazer and a 'teal eclipse' sweater which is really a very dark blue-green almost navy. $10 off 25 more than paid the shipping. The garments were a great sale and are a great fit. Had it not been for the comments on the Penney site, I would not have ordered a teal sweater that looked bright teal on the web site.

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