Thursday, July 22, 2010

Essential Shoes

  1. Plain Black Pumps  -- my preference is Etienne Aigner, has been for years.
  2. Sneakers  -- running shoes or Keds.
  3. Casual shoe or bootie with heels. Heeled sandals work in the South in hot weather.
  4. Tall boots  -- mine have flat heels and are black. I'd like some with a comfortable heel a little higher.
  5. Everyday shoes -- I wear running shoes with socks for yard work, something that laces up and has support. Inside, my faves are flip flops or leather thongs.
  6. Casual flats.
  7. Slippers -- my preference is thong sandals rather than indoor slippers because I'm prone to going to bring the garbage can back to the house in my slippers, or out to check on the pets. For indoor personal use, the thongs can be a bit gaudier than I would wear to the grocery store or even the beach.
  8. Neutral pumps -- taupe, not bone or white. Bone and white are summer pumps; neutral can go through the winter. I would not mind a pair of snakeskin pumps in a neutral color rather than smooth matte leather.

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