Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Thrill of a Box of Clothing

e services which choose, box and mail items for one's wardrobe intrigue me.

How could they ever ask enough questions to know that a top longer than 22" leaves me looking 22" tall? Or that I don't go to work? They don't ask about Church attendance, my most frequent activity outside home.

The excitement of a box is still great when I am both the shopper and the recipient. Are my items going to fit? They can be exchanged from any vendor, usually without a charge or extra shipping. (Return shipping charges usually apply when an item is returned for refund in most cases.)

I try to make sure before I hit send that I expect everything I ordered to excite, suit and fit. Except for a rare costly item that I thought I must have, most can be passed on and the cost of giving it away pretty much equals return shipping charges so I don't feel bad about giving it away. I pay close attention to reviews that suggest whether or not an item is true to size.

As I write, I am waiting for UPS to deliver a package containing an ivory colored dress with angled lace bands. I must remember the long sweater waiting in the closet for a match. If it isn't perfect, there is surely a 'third piece' that will make it so. A navy shrug, a jacket of some kind or something that I haven't yet thought of will do the trick. Navy shoes and beads, too, maybe not all together at once. The Khaki shrug might work, or not, different shades and color runs.

There's a cotton shrug in Khaki that may work with the palm print dress with khaki piping. I hope so.
There's a Basil tee with elbow sleeves that I've crossed my fingers it works with that tank dress with the green geometric print.

The cost of this package was not much more than the charge for a shopping box service where only one garment would be covered by that charge if I kept it. I watch for flash sales once a price gets near my target.

After note: The Basil tee is perfect for the green geometric print tank dress. The Ivory colored dress fits. The Khaki shrug is rather big on me but I'm going to launder it and run it through the dryer; it's cotton. The white pants are snug but not too. Thin but if they are too thin I have a divided slip. Happy Day.

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