Monday, May 29, 2017

Ten Spring Wardrobe Essentials

As a fashion blog follower, I love posts with lists so I can see if my closet measures up, as if there is a contest of sorts.

Beth at Style at a Certain Age had a wonderful post this weekend featuring Ten Key Pieces for Spring. Could I pass the test? Hardly, but it sure was fun.

white jean

A navy polo with white and yellow stripes on collar and cuffs.

easy dresses

This dress has khaki piping on gored seams, at the neck and armholes and above the hem. Neiman Marcus has a similar dress in palm printed silk with piping. It shows up on my sidebar at every site where there is advertising. This one in lined cotton was much more affordable and is washable.

I wish it had sleeves. He-Who-Mows said it was okay without sleeves. My upper arms are not that bad, but I hate bare arms.  The vest is new, with wider lapels than I expected. It's a great piece but I wore a plain short white jacket over the dress on Sunday so I would have sleeves.

Plain tank in a geometric pattern. I have to wear a slip.
A basil color tee underneath works for me, so a half slip or petti.
Needs some bold jewelry.
New sandals! Cobb Hill Aubrey, in Pewter leather. 

pattern blouse

Here's one I can look for. I haven't a summer blouse with stripes nor a print.  

trench coat

My trench coat is a winter coat. I have lightweight jackets suitable for summer rain, no trench for a wrap in warm weather.  Probably will not pursue this one.

Oh, wait. I do have a short khaki trench, waist length. Never wear it. Maybe I'll trot it out and try it with the dress below or the one with the khaki piping.

lightweight cardigan

I do have cardigans.  This long cardigan is lightweight and the dress underneath is an A-line with lace bands. My new fav is a blush color cotton. I frequently wear a sweater to church because of the air conditioning, and shrugs over sleeveless dresses.


Skipping shorts. I shall not reveal my fat knees. It is never so hot that pants over the knee will not be almost as cool. 

denim skirt

Yes! I have light gray and regular navy. These also cover my knees.


I bought a new pair when I forgot to take my orthopedic shades on my last Opthalmologist visit and walked out into bright sunlight with dilated pupils.
New prescription sunglasses are in my future plans.

fancy tees

Breton stripes are as fancy as I'll be. I don't do graphics.

White jeans again with a striped tee. 


Beth reminded us about ballet flats and loafers, besides thongs and sandals. I always think I need to buy more while some are going unworn like the bone loafers above with the striped tee and white jeans.

This was a fun exercise. 



  1. Well, Jean, you've done something I've never done and that is go systematically through one of these 'essentials' lists and you've done just one should do. Make it real and dismiss things that are not for you or your body. You've come out well with some lovely outfits. What a fun exercise indeed!
    Apropos shorts, I hadn't worn them for years because of fat weird-shaped knees but I bit the bullet last summer with what can only be called 'longs' and they hover around the knee, and now I've already worn my 'longs' a few times this year and it's only May. That's keen for you!

  2. This was a fun posting. You look very spiffy (dates me I know)in all the outfits.


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