Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day and Beyond

I can't get the right pics to go with the post. This is the dress I wore, but not exactly.

I wore nude sling-back shoes. No jacket or vest, I just took along a plain white sweater just in case the Church got cold.

No jewelry. The night before, He-who=mows asked me if we didn't used to wear roses on Mother's Day to indicate in honor or memory of our mother. He had noticed some buds on White Dawn. He declined to wear one but thought I should. His late sister used to make a big event of Sundays where corsages from the florist were worn.

I got up early and cut some rose buds and a bit of fern. I thought of Barbara Regan, who used to make the rosebud corsages at Boxwood Gardens. Found some wire and floral tape and a bit of pink ribbon among my treasures and put together 3 rosebuds in a corsage with a pink bow of picot ribbon. No jewelry, I even forgot my watch.

I won the prize for being the mother whose child came the farthest -- a hundred miles -- to be with us.
The gift is a solar lantern. Cute, and it worked when I put it outside in the sun and checked on it after dark.

I am anxiously awaiting an order with shoes, 2 dresses and a vest. My credit card shows the order as in progress as does the vendor site -- since May 10. I wonder if they hold orders with free shipping back, on purpose so you'll learn to pay for faster delivery?

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