Monday, May 22, 2017

A Fun Box in the Mail

Rural Mail Carrier brought my box to the house. This is the first time in a while that Orchard Brands sent my items in a box, maybe because there was a box of shoes to fit in the package.

Besides the fun shoes which are Rockport Cobb Hill sandals in Pewter with closed toes, a low heel and real buckles, there were two dresses and a vest.

The Oatmeal vest is long, made of silk and linen and will rest while the wrinkles try to hang out until fall when it will go over sweater dresses and other fun garments. I waited a long time for this garment to go on a sale that would make it worthwhile.

One dress is a cotton blend tank in a tiny green and white geometric print. He-Who-Mows and gives advice and I agreed that a GRAY jacket or tee would be best with it, or white. The Basil color tee I ordered is perfect with it.

The second dress is a lined cotton and spandex print with palm trees. The description said it featured khaki and cream. I found no cream at all, white is the background and the  browns are cool shades. All the seams are piped in khaki. Sleeveless, with large armholes, it begs a shrug or a tee for underneath. My stone tee will work. So would a black sweater, short or long. Maybe my short khaki trench in the fall. There's a khaki shrug on the way.

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